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Beyond the Hype: Find a Surron XX or Build an Alternative?

Created by electric dirt bike shop Luna Cycle, the very rare Surron XX is a standard factory Surron X, except for its controller and battery, which have been modified by Luna Cycle. Now producing 150 peak amps instead of the stock 80 peak amps, the Surron XX has a reported 9 horsepower increase. It is described as an upgraded production dirt bike, as it has modifications direct from Luna Cycle and does not come modified from the Surron factory. Due to its rare nature, the possibility of owning a Surron XX is slim. However, if you can’t get your hands on one, it’s not the end of the world. The stock Surron X is an awesome machine, and the Surron XX can simply be the inspiration for your own build. 

Surron XX front plate

Surron XX Limited Edition Allure

The Surron XX has been exclusively released by Luna Cycle in just two batches. These were ostensibly made available during the Black Friday sales of 2020 and 2021. So far, it has been reported that a total of only 200 of these electric motorcycles have been produced. According to Reddit contributors, it is the ‘Tesla of e-bikes.’ Rumors are suggesting that Luna Cycle may make another batch in the future, but I would suggest this would be unlikely. Either way, the Surron XX is a rare find, but do you actually need the Surron XX? Underneath all the hype, it is, after all, a standard Surron X, which you can pick up at your local electric bike shop (or online!) And it wouldn’t take much to bring it up to the same spec… and beyond. We’ll go through some of the modifications shortly with the help of GritShift’s R&D pro Rusty, but rest assured if you can’t get your hands on the Surron XX, there are simple alternatives to create your version from the Surron X.

The Surron XX

Surron XX vs Surron X (LBX)

If you’re new to electric dirt bikes in general, the Surron X will be your ideal motorcycle. If you’re looking for something exceptional and you have the opportunity to buy one, take a closer look at the Surron XX. It could be your perfect option. Luna Cycle made two significant modifications or ‘upgrades’ to the stock Surron X. From all research, it appears the only modifications were made to firmware to obtain the higher output. The controller underwent a firmware upgrade, as did the BMS, to draw more amps. A few individuals who bought a Surron XX did, however, observe that the battery gauge displays inaccurate readings because of modifications to the controller and battery. Luna later rectified this, and it was the only widespread issue known to affect the XX. 

The Sur Ron XX could be ideal for those seeking more power than the Sur Ron X, without the need to modify your own e-moto. The Surron XX would arrive at your door without you needing to do anything special. However, it’s such a small batch that’s been released, that chances are not on your side to become an owner. The other downside of obtaining a pre-modded e-moto is that if you decide to upgrade the controller, battery, or motor in the future, you’ve wasted your money as the parts that change the Surron X into the Surron XX would become obsolete. 

This is what you need to do instead:

Breaking down the Surron XX modifications

When you’re modifying your e-moto, there are almost infinite options available. Where do you start? In this case, we’re talking about power output in general. This might seem a little strange if you’re new to electric dirt bikes. But think of the e-moto as interchangeable parts on your computer. If you want to increase the power output on your gas-powered dirt bike, it will take considerable time and knowledge to change internal parts to obtain the increased output. However, installing a plug-and-play controller is all that’s required to do so on an e-moto.

What changes do you need to increase the Surron X power output to match or exceed the Surron XX? Below are some mods you can make to rival the power of the Surron XX, along with suggestions if you like riding with a little more spirit.

Controller upgrade

The alternative to the Surron XX controller could be the KO Moto Nano controller, which will instantly give you more power. For $713 (at the time of writing), this controller is more expensive than the difference Luna Cycle charges. What makes this controller worth the money, though, is you’ll never need to upgrade it again. As Rusty says, “To make it the exact same bike as the Surron XX, all you would need is a KO Moto Nano controller and Boom! You have more power than an XX, keeping everything else the same. Additionally, the KO Moto Nano controller has the potential to handle a battery of up to 17 kW of power.


This isn’t technically an upgrade that Luna Cycle has made on the Surron XX; however, if you have a controller that can handle a bigger battery, it only makes sense to make the most of the power potentially available. Replacing the controller alone could possibly get you a potential 7-8 kW with some slight tweaking. Otherwise, you could get a bigger battery of up to 17kW with the KO Moto Nano. Of course, you could add an even more powerful controller and battery or increase the voltage to 72V, but that would be beyond the comparison to the Surron XX!


Extra power means nothing if you can’t grip the terrain you’re riding. So, I’ve included something you won’t find upgraded on the Surron XX: better wheels. To obtain increased rear grip, head to Woody’s Wheel Works to pick up a 16” rim. Keep the stock 19” on the front for a 19/16 setup. This change in wheel geometry will make your LBX outperform the XX in the handling department and help harness all that new power from the bigger controller.  Dare you not to upgrade the front knobblies simultaneously once you fall in love with their products!


Any seasoned rider, gas or electric, will know the importance of setting up the suspension to suit the rider. From the factory, the motorcycle is set up using average weight data – and there’s a good chance it won’t suit you 100% – we’re all unique! The Vonkat TENfive rear shock is made specifically for electric motorcycles, with moto-style preload – and you can purchase the spring rate you need. You’ll be cornering like a pro, tackling the rough terrain like a hovercraft, and actually feeling in control of the back end. If you upgrade the wheels, why not upgrade the suspension at the same time? Keep those tires planted on Terra Firma until you leave the ramp.

This is where the list could stop. As GritShift’s R&D head, Rusty, says, ‘[by now this] would be a bike with about 7-8 kW of power, which is more than Surron XX, and have much more compliant suspension and grip levels than a stock Surron. I would call this the budget build on any Surron or Segway bike.’

What if you want to keep going? You’ve caught the upgrading bug, and you’re no longer looking for the Surron XX power – you’re looking for more! Here are a few simple suggestions to get you on your way:

Other mods

Brake pads: With extra power, it only makes sense that stopping ability must also be beefed up. These OEM fitment pads will be much more robust than the mountain bike-style pads on a stock Surron.

Tires: Extra power on your Surron doesn’t mean anything if you can’t grip the dirt. This is a simple mod that anyone can do, regardless of whether you have upgraded the powertrain. It will have you cornering more confidently and giving you the drive when needed.

Sprocket: This sneaky mod can improve bottom-end or top-end performance, giving you customization depending on where you like to ride. If you favor tight, technical tracks and need that power to drive out, increase the sprocket size for more low-end power.

To Mod or Not to Mod the Surron X?

Do you have the time to modify your own stock Surron X? If the answer is yes, or at least an ‘I’ll make time,’ then I would suggest purchasing a standard Surron X and modifying it exactly how you like instead of waiting for an elusive Luna Cycle Surron XX to show up. The Surron X is a great bike in its own right, but with so many aftermarket options available, you can build an LBX that suits your needs for roughly the same amount of money.

The downside of purchasing the Surron XX comes in the likely possibility that you’ll be hooked on getting the most out of your machine, which means if you have any inkling that you’ll be upgrading the controller, motor, or battery in the future, the extra you paid for the Surron XX will be wasted – and the aftermarket parts that make it an XX will be replaced as you go.

If you’re satisfied with the performance of the Surron XX, then it is a good buy if you can get your hands on one and if Luna Cycle releases a batch this year.

Want to make your own version of the Surron XX today, or need to upgrade your current Surron X? Head to GritShift’s store to modify your e-moto to your heart’s content right now. 

Surron XX Images courtesy of Reddit user: timber_cove

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