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Years in the Making, Is the Full-Size Surron Storm Bee Worth the Hype? 

What is the Storm Bee?

The Sur Ron Storm Bee is the electric equivalent of a full-size gas-powered dirt bike. With 22.5KW of power, producing just under 600 Nm of torque (Sur Ron global), this e-moto will impress even the most experienced riders. Comparable to a 250 cc ICE dirt bike, the Storm Bee is most at home on enduro trails or MX tracks. It is the big brother to the Sur Ron Ultra and Light Bee, completing the trifecta of perfect riding machines that will please riders of all sizes and skill levels.

Likened to the KTM Freeride e-moto, the Sur Ron Storm Bee is similar in size and has relatively similar power. Together, these e-motos are unquestionably taking the step away from a ‘play bike’ like the smaller bikes in the electric class. Riders who love the enduro trails, time on the MX tracks, or competing will find the Sur Ron Storm Bee an exhilarating machine.

What makes the Sur Ron Storm Bee a much-anticipated release?

For those in the ‘know’, the Sur Ron Storm Bee packs all the awesome features riders are coming to expect on an e-moto, plus a whole lot more. If you’re new to the electric dirt bike world, then read on, you’ll find your curiosity sparking at the machine that could rival any gas-powered dirt bike.

One of the major differences between ICE dirt bikes and e-motos is the instant acceleration. Twist that throttle and hold on! With a 104v/55Ah battery paired with Sur Rons’ famous mid-mount engine and superior technology, this 2023 model e-moto will reach a top speed of 68 mph. Without gears to shift through, acceleration is seamless. Throughout 2022, the Storm Bee has been released all over the world.

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But what makes this Sur Ron Storm Bee so highly anticipated? It could have something to do with the onboard electronics suite which allows riders the choice of three riding modes, and a turbo mode at the flick of an ergonomically located button. Or it could be the reverse gear, allowing an easy way out of those embarrassing situations where your mates all have their cellphones out with cameras at the ready, instead of helping… What is impressive is the independently developed Sur Ron traction control system, known as ASR (Acceleration Slip Reduction) which can be adjusted while riding, always allowing the best performance on all road conditions (Sur Ron Global).

Where can you ride the Sur Ron Storm Bee?

Sur Ron has released three variants of the Storm Bee, and subject to your location will depend on what is available to order. Options include the Storm Bee R (road), Storm Bee (enduro), or Storm Bee F (off-road). The major differences come in the accessories required to comply with motorcycling laws and tires to suit either road or dirt.  

Both the Storm Bee R and Enduro Storm Bee are generally road registrable in your country, but as always, check with local laws if you’re not sure. The off-road version, coming in at only 220 lbs will be perfect on enduro trials. GritShift’s Rusty likens the Storm Bee to the KLX 300 ‘with the way the power train feels and the suspension’.  Unlike the Sur Ron Ultra and Light Bee, this e-moto is suited for adult riders or taller competent teens.

Is it competition spec?

With lightning-fast acceleration and a ‘real motorcycle’ statue, the Sur Ron Storm Bee is certainly a rival for similar 250cc ICE dirt bikes. Zero to 31 mph (50km/h) can be achieved in only 1.8 seconds according to Sur Ron with a top speed reaching 68 mph. This speed is slightly lower than its gas-powered counterparts, but on a tight track, wouldn’t be an issue.

If the Storm Bee was racing against the 250cc ICE dirt bikes, you could argue that it has its advantages due to the ride modes that can be interchanged while on the track, changing with the dynamic surfaces a typical enduro race would encounter. The biggest Achilles heel in this e-moto, along with other electric dirt bikes at the current time, is endurance. How long does the battery last, and, in particular, how long does the battery last under race conditions? Sur Ron claims the Storm Bee has a range of 74 miles, but that is at a speed of 31 mph. Having a second fully charged battery would be your answer to this issue as range could drop considerably under race conditions.

The endless mods that could be added to the Sur Ron Storm Bee can customize your machine to match your riding style and the terrain perfectly. Visit GritShift to gain the advantage over your competitors.

Diehard gas-powered dirt bike fans – why should you try the Sur Ron Storm Bee?

Have you seen how far electric cars have come? How about the technology in your phones and gadgets? Electric dirt bikes have come a long way since the idea of removing pistons in an engine started. The Sur Ron Storm Bee is a perfectly balanced mixture of raw dirt bike to the state of the art technology. Instant power means your wheels start turning basically as you start thinking of moving. The throttle response is instantaneous. Power is provided constantly to the wheels without the need to shift gears. Which also leads to the lack of pistons. Think about how the heavy moving parts inside your engine affect your handling by way of inertia. You don’t get the resistance to turning when you jump on an e-moto, and Sur Ron has produced a powerful, reliable power system.

Lack of exhaust is a bonus for environmentally conscious people, and even if you’re not a climate change believer, you’ll have to agree at least that running an electric motorcycle would be better than a gas-powered one in that sense. Removing a traditional engine also eliminates the sound – an e-moto is much more silent. This opens many more riding places where sound would have been an issue for your neighbors.

Removing the engine’s sound is a change to get used to, but once you re-tune your hearing, something magical happens. You can actually hear the tires contact the dirt, making you feel connected to the track in ways you can’t experience otherwise. Hear the tires gripping, hear them spinning and losing traction, hear them grab again. Your newfound sense of hearing is another instrument for controlling and manipulating your machine like a pro.

What is the difference between the Sur Ron LBX and the Storm Bee?

Your Sur Ron LBX is eagerly awaiting you to take it for a spin. But is it time for you to step up to the Sur Ron Storm Bee? Do you consider it a ‘step up’? This is a controversial statement because it depends on your riding style and preferred terrain. So, what is the difference between the Ultra Bee and the Storm Bee? The Storm Bee is a bigger, faster e-moto.

Read the full Sur Ron LBX article here

Sur Ron Storm Bee specs

Physically, the seat height on the Storm Bee is a huge 37 in (940 mm) (off-road version) compared to 33 in (830 mm) on the LBX.  220 Lbs (100 kgs) is almost double the LBX at 123 Lbs (56 kgs). Max speed 68 mph (110 kph) vs. 47 mph (75 kph) and the comparisons continue. Overall the Storm Bee is a faster, larger motorcycle. The rider needs to be physically bigger. This could be likened to moving from a 125cc ICE dirt bike to a 250cc to a 450cc. I personally have owned all variations of gas-powered dirt bikes – and it comes down to one thing. Where are you going to ride?

What is the cost?

With a competitive price point of MSRP of $8499 USD at the time of writing, the Storm Bee should be a serious contender in your lineup of new bikes in the garage. The closest rival in the electric scene, the KTM Freeride starts at a MSRP of $11299 at the time of writing, which is substantially more than the Storm Bee. Similar ICE dirt bike prices are comparable to the Sur Ron Storm Bee, some slightly less, some slightly more. 

Sur Ron’s intention to bring an awesomely good bike that is at a competitive price point was easily achieved. Will it beat gas-powered dirt bikes in competition? The extra weight and lack of range would make it hard to make passes and compete all day on a single battery, but that’s not what it is all about. Is it worth the money? If you love amazing technology and all the benefits of an electric motor at a great price point, you’ll have to head out to your local dealer immediately.

To customize your Sur Ron Storm Bee to really make it yours, head to to buy your new motorcycle some birthday presents today.

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