E Ride Pro S vs Surron LBX: Old Fave or Innovative Newcomer?

E Ride Pro is the new kid on the block, releasing their e-motos to the world in late 2023. They have attracted the attention of many riders for their power output and capabilities. However, many riders are comparing the smaller model, the E Ride Pro S, to the Surron LBX – built by a company that has been around since the beginning of the successful production-made electric dirt bikes we know and love today. If you’re considering purchasing an E-moto, but not sure which one is right for you, read on…

Surron LBX

First up, let’s look at the Surron LBX. Also known as the Surron X or Surron Light Bee, it is the flagship model for Surron. The 2024 model has 6kW peak power, a top speed of 46mph, and it weighs just 123lbs. The Surron LBX has evolved since its initial release a few years ago, giving it the benefit of time. 

There is a huge availability of aftermarket options for the Surron X. From customized footpegs to upgraded controller, battery, and motor, the options are almost endless. As good as the Surron is from stock, it also forms a great base to mod into the e-moto of your dreams. 

Surron wheelie
The Surron LBX has always been a favorite….

E Ride Pro S

As a comparison, the E Ride Pro S also has a 6kW peak power, a top speed of 50mph, and weighs 128lbs. Released in late 2023 with the first delivery in early 2024, E Ride Pro is yet to get substantial customer data and feedback on long-term use. However, as a very transparent company (just look at their socials), E Ride Pro is continuously looking to improve their machines. 

Upgrades and mods for the E Ride Pro are growing in quantity on a daily basis. Not to mention that many parts that fit both the Surron and Talaria also fit the E Ride Pro S. The R&D department here at GritShift are hard at work creating exciting new parts for the E Ride Pro e-motos. Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to know. 

See what the esteemed GritShift boss, Bullet, says on his first test ride of the E Ride Pro S here.

  • It’s more peppier than a Surron
  • In soft sand, like all stock e-motos, the tires could do with an upgrade
  • The rear shock feels good when jumped
  • The seat could do with an upgrade to make it more comfortable but otherwise, for casual riding and shorter trips, it works

E Ride Pro S vs Surron LBX

Many similarities exist between the E Ride Pro S and the Surron LBX. Both have similar-sized output at a peak of 6kW. Top Speed is very similar – the E Ride Pro S reaches 50mph while the Surron X reaches 47mph. As of 2024, the E Ride Pro S is sold for just over $4000, while the Surron X is more expensive for $4600.

So far, on those points alone, you would probably be better off buying the E Ride unless you want to win really long drag races against your friends with Surrons. But just because these bikes look similar on paper doesn’t mean they are entirely the same.

The biggest difference is the battery. The E Ride Pro has a 72V system, while the Surron X has a 60V system. What difference does that make? Let’s look into that in more detail. 

Infographic: E Ride Pro S vs Surron X comparison

60v vs 72v battery

Which is better: 60v or 72v? In this instance, we need to take into account the Ah. Without looking into the scientific reasons behind the voltage difference, we can work out Watt hours by calculating Voltage x Amp hours. Read this article here for a detailed explanation. The E Ride Pro S, with 72V 30Ah has 72 x 30 = 2160Wh, while the Surron X has 60v x 40Ah = 2400Wh. By this calculation, the Surron X has a larger amount of watt-hours, which means on paper, the Surron has more potential range. On the other hand, the lower amp hours on the E Ride Pro S indicates potentially better efficiency.

At the time of writing, there are no upgrades available for the E Ride Pro S as far as battery, motor or controller go, but there is plenty of talk around well-known companies in the R&D stage. 

Anyone could guess that there are big plans in the works – E Ride Pro is a company that is firmly planted in the world of electric dirt bikes. The 72V system on the E Ride Pro could potentially save you lots of money if and when upgradable parts to the powertrain come on the market. Upgrading the Surron to 72V would be costly on a bike that is already more expensive.

Upgrades and Mods for E Ride Pro

It’s no secret that Surron has many more aftermarket parts available as of early 2024. But things are changing. Companies like GritShift have many parts planned for E Ride Pro. Things are about to get very exciting! Check out GritShift on YouTube and Instagram for a sneak peak into parts in the works. 

R&D Rusty says, “For me the E Ride Pro S or the Surron X are great building platforms, as these don’t have as much power as the bigger e-motos and are cheaper.” The prices for the parts available are comparable between the E Ride Pro S and the Surron X. In fact, many parts are interchangeable between Surron, Talaria and E Ride Pro already, just as a product of people experimenting with parts fitment. Just make sure to check that it does actually fit before purchasing, as some upgraded parts are slightly different.

E Ride Pro with bike rider fitting helmet
The E Ride Pro e-motos are awesome straight out of the box!

Warranty: Peace of Mind

Both E Ride Pro and Surron offer a very similar warranty. As of the time of writing this, both brands have a one-year warranty if the e-moto was purchased from a dealer, Additionally, Surron offers 18 months on the chassis, swing arm, motor and controller.

E Ride Pro: “E Ride Pro Inc. (“Company”) is pleased to offer a limited one-year or 2,000 miles (whichever comes first) warranty on all new electric off-road motorcycles (“Product”) sold by our authorized dealers or directly through our official website. This warranty is valid from the date of purchase by the original owner and is non-transferable.”

Surron: “Warranty Terms – Chassis/Swing Arm/Motor/Controller 18 months (Battery up to 20,000 Miles) Non-Service Items 12 Months. Subject to service schedule. Excludes items*. Warranty applies to original purchaser only.”

If you have any questions, your local dealer would be the first point of call. If you choose to modify your e-moto, speak to your local dealer who will advise if it will void the warranty.

Keep in mind that these warranties are from the date of purchase, not from the date of delivery or the date you first assemble the bike.

Second-Hand Market

Generally, Surron X can be easily found on most second hand marketplaces, unlike the E Ride Pro S which is much harder to come by. This is due to how new the e-moto is, and if they are for sale, they are similar in price as a brand new e-moto. Check out this article here on buying a second hand e-moto. 

So, which bike should you buy? 

Similar in many aspects, either the Surron X or the E Ride Pro S would be a fantastic emoto. What you need to consider first is what size e-moto you need. Is it the smaller Surron X or E Ride Pro S, or do you need to look at the larger models – the Ultra Bee, Talaria Sting or E Ride Pro SS?

Back to the E Ride Pro S or Surron LBX, the battery is a big difference, being 72v instead of 60v. If you’re looking at modding your ride to increase power, then the battery/motor/controller combo won’t matter… much. E Ride Pro does have a 72V battery, which means it could be compatible with other 72V components, and that would make upgrading much cheaper. I mentioned ‘it could’, as of right now, there is nothing confirmed but plenty of super exciting goss that parts will be released soon.

But for right now, right out of the box, E Ride Pro certainly seems to have a winner on their hands. This is definitely a company to pay close attention to. If you’ve known about Surron for a long time, it would pay to check out the newest e-moto before deciding on what to buy.


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