Talaria Sting R MX4: Better Than an MX3 or an LBX?

What is the Talaria Sting R?

Released in 2023, the Talaria Sting R is the latest release from Talaria, an exciting new company growing its fan base rapidly. With such success from releasing the original Talaria Sting in 2022, Talaria has incorporated all the best bits from their flagship model into this Overall, the e-moto released into the wild is a beast with a massive 33% more power and 13% faster top speed, all made possible in a 3-hour charge time. (Talaria)

Giving Surron a run for their money with the Surron X, the Talaria Sting R (also known as the MX4) is comparable in price with only a few hundred dollars between the e-motos. The even better news is how parts are primarily interchangeable, with many after-market mods for the Surron X fitting the Talaria Sting R. 

Suiting the off-road rider, MX pro, or daily commuter, the Talaria Sting R is fully capable of whatever you throw at it, especially with the almost unlimited possibilities with aftermarket customization. If you’re looking for a commuter only, Talaria also has you covered with the X3 (aka the XXX), their smaller, compact machine. Read about the X3 here. 

The History Of Talaria

Talaria has been around for a few years but only released its first e-moto in 2022. Since then, they have released three models – the Talaria Sting (MX3), Talaria XXX, and Talaria Sting R (MX4). They all strike a remarkably similar appearance to the Surron machines; this didn’t just happen by chance. Controversially, two previous Surron employees allegedly used their knowledge to create their own ‘better’ electric dirt bike. Read the gossip here. Having said that, they have designed some awesome components that are widely popular, for good reasons – ride a Sting R to see what I mean! 

If you’re brand new to electric dirt bikes and, like myself, come from a gas-powered background, you may be wondering what all this fuss is about. Electric dirt bikes are rapidly improving with technology and Talaria is one of the companies making this happen. Think about your cell phone – they were big and clunky only a few years ago. The game ‘Snake’ was cool. Okay, maybe that was quite a few years ago, but consider recent advances. The same is true with electric dirt bikes. Technology is impressive, and batteries are improving all the time. 

This technology is all put on a purpose-built frame, similar to gas-powered dirt bikes. But now, you can remove all the bad parts that engines create. The most noticeable is noise -you can ride in more places where noise would have stopped you, and carbon emissions are way less. But there are many more advantages you might not think of initially. No pistons remove any potential lag. The acceleration is instant as soon as you twist the throttle on an electric dirt bike. And fast. Nothing can really describe the difference in acceleration. You also don’t have the gyroscopic forces that internal rotating engines create. Yes, it is a slightly different riding style, but once you’re in tune with your e-moto,  you’ll be in awe of how you can hear your grip on the dirt and the fun it brings. 

This applies more to the Sting R than the X3 as the R is more similar to gas-powered dirt bikes, both in size and in power. But don’t let me tell you – the best way is to find out for yourself! 

Can you ride the Talaria Sting R on the road?

Purchased from most dealers in the US, you will find that the Talaria Sting R (like most e-motos) will come restricted from the factory to have a lower top speed. This allows the possibility of riding legally on the road in many states. Always check your local laws, as there will be differences between states and counties. If you choose to modify your e-moto and unleash its full potential, you will find it will probably be illegal to ride it on the road. Have a chat with Dirt Legal if you want to register your pride and joy. Otherwise, the Talaria Sting R is at home on the dirt like ICE dirt bikes. Whether that is an MX track or trails through woods, the Talaria Sting R has many options for modding to create an e-moto that’s personalized exactly how you like it. 

The option for an L1E version of the Talaria Sting R is also available in some countries. This road-legal e-moto is homologated for road usage to fit within the 50cc moped category. It also comes with accessories required for road use, such as a tail tidy and turn signals. 

As a stock e-moto, off-road capabilities of the Talaria Sting R are possibly some of the best on the market. GritShift warehouse manager Cody says, “The Sting R has a little more power and overall feels good to ride on the track stock.” Of course, like all e-motos and dirt bikes in general, you need to customize them to meet your exact needs and riding preferences to fully get the best from them. 

The Talaria Sting R next to the Surron Ultra Bee.
The Talaria Sting R next to the Surron Ultra Bee.

Mods Available For The Talaria Sting R

The Talaria Sting R already has an excellent power delivery and feel, although no one ever complained about more power! GritShift boss Josh mentioned, “Stock power is so much better than Surron Light Bee or the MX3; it still needs a little more.” Compared to the original Sting, the Sting R has a max output of 8000W from a 45-amp battery. This allows more flexibility for upgrading the controller and leaving the motor stock, giving more customization to the power delivery.

Something to consider, before you look at increasing the power, have a look at suspension. If you can’t get that power transferred to the ground with good suspension and tires, it’s just wasting energy (and money!) The stock forks and rear suspension on the Talaria Sting R are great straight out of the box, but if you want to push the limits, it would be worth checking out some upgrades. There are plenty of good fork upgrades you can choose from that can support bigger hits, but if you really want to know if your e-moto will survive a flat landing off a big jump, check out the MX conversion. This GritShift-designed upgrade replaces the electric dirt bike front end with KTM forks, brakes, and handlebars.  You know this will be tough – just check out what the GritShift guys do to their e-motos!

Depending on your riding locations, a new set of boots for your e-moto might be in order; that alone will make a considerable difference to grip. And there’s nothing better than a new pair of grippy nobblies. 

The brakes on the stock Talaria Sting R are much beefier than the previous model, with 220 mm x 2.3 mm thick rotors. For the majority of riders, this should be adequate. However, remember that if you increase the power, don’t forget about your stopping ability. If you want a recap on why brakes are so important, read this article.

Then, of course, all the mods for ergonomics can be endless! Better footpegs, seats, handlebars, risers, whatever you need to fit the e-moto to you. Something to keep in mind when upgrading is “The headlight and kill switch have a different pin connector than the MX3,” said Cody. So make sure you check out GritShift, as the boys and girls in R&D have created some great products made for hard riding. 

Talaria Sting R vs Surron 

The big question: “Talaria Sting R or Surron X?” Check out the statistics below to see the differences (this is based on the 2023 models):

Differences between the 2023 Talaria Sting R and Surron X

As you can see, the biggest difference between the Talaria Sting R and the Surron X is the battery size. The Sting R has an additional 5 amps on the Surron X. Peak power output, torque, and top speed are all slight greater.

The Talaria runs a gearbox, not a belt system like on the Surron. This could be a pro or a con. Gearbox does mean oil changes, but this is recommended only every 3-5000 miles. 

As for the price, the Talaria Sting R currently comes in at $4500 and the Surron $4600 (at time of writing). Additionally, Talaria has done well listening to their customers and has improved parts of the original Sting to create an impressive machine with their Sting R. The Surron suspension will likely need to be upgraded for most riders, so that would be an additional cost. At the same time, the Talaria Sting R comes stock with a pretty decent suspension. Also, the brakes on the Talaria Sting are a chunky 220mm rotor, which is sufficient for most riders, while the Surron will probably need upgrading. Make sure you factor in these additional costs when deciding on your purchase. 

So….Which E-Moto Is Better?! 

The Talaria Sting R is an awesome off-road electric dirt bike within the Talaria lineup. With upgrades from the original Talaria Sting, the Talaria Sting R is just about the perfect e-moto straight out of the box. But if that’s not enough for you, aftermarket parts are readily available to customize your riding style fully. With its max power of 8000 W, 220 mm upgraded brakes, good suspension, and more, the Talaria Sting R makes a fantastic electric dirt bike.

Compared to the Surron X, the Talaria Sting R is a very comparable e-moto; however, if you’re looking to take your e-moto to the jumps, you will find more parts will need to be upgraded on the Surron X vs. the Talaria Sting R. An upgrade available to the Surron X is, in fact, the Talaria Forks. Hmm… I’ll leave that one with you! Price on both e-motos are similar unless you start adding in mods. Either way, whatever e-moto you choose to take home, you won’t be disappointed. I’m sorry I can’t tell you which e-moto is right for you, that comes down to personal preference!! When you’ve ordered your perfect e-moto, head to GritShift to start the even more exciting part: customization!

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