Surron Fork Upgrades: Is it Necessary For Everyone?

Surron forks have been a contentious part of the e-moto scene since the Surron Light Bee first came into the picture. Some riders love the stock forks. Others can’t change them quick enough. But are they really that bad?

E-motos fit into a category of their own. They’re not a mountain bike, not an e-bike, and they’re not a dirt motorcycle. They’re in between, and Surron forks have been redesigned to withstand harsh riding, while still remaining lightweight. But is that compromise doing more harm than good?

This article will dive into why forks are so important, why some people need to change the stock Surron forks to something different and what are some options, including where you can save your money while getting some awesome deals. But first, let’s look at what you already have. 

Surron Fork Diagram
Surron Fork Diagram

What front suspension does a Surron use? 

If you bought your Surron X from new, chances are you’ll either have a DNM or KKE fork. A Google search will show mixed reviews from both forks. The DNM or KKE both have adjustments for preload and rebound, but both types are prone to bending, warping or cracking. However, it really comes down to your riding style. 

The stock forks are perfectly adequate for commuting and going easy when out riding your Surron. They’re not good for hard impacts, such as 60’ jumps – ok, even 6’ jumps, whoops or anything above beginner level. If you’ve never ridden a dirt bike before – ICE or e-moto, and will be taking it easy on your new Surron, then keep your stock forks. Get a feel of your e-moto, start learning it. Then you’ll have more of an idea of what riding style you’re drawn to, and can choose the right upgrades accordingly. 

For an in-depth rundown on how forks work, check out this article here.

But, what if your Surron doesn’t have stock forks on it currently? If you’ve purchased your e-moto second hand, you may not need to upgrade. 

Wear and Tear on Surron Forks

Purchasing a second-hand e-moto has some advantages, such as saving on the upfront cost. You may even snag a great deal with upgraded parts, including the forks. However, if you’re not sure on the condition of the forks your Surron already has, or you’re questioning if they’re suitable for your riding style, then it might be the next upgrade needed. 

Apart from a different riding style, you’d want to upgrade your forks if they look like they’ve fallen from the sky. Here is a list of things I’d be checking: 

  • Are the fork seals leaking? 
  • Is there any scoring on the stanchions? 
  • Is the movement of the forks smooth and allows full free travel?
  • Does the overall condition of the forks resemble that of someone who has given them a bit of love and care? 
  • Are they straight? 

From there, you have a few options. The first option is to service your current forks. You’ll need to weigh up the cost of servicing (especially if you get someone else to do it for you) over buying new forks. 

Taking the Surron to the skies! A rider jumping the Surron
Taking the Surron to the skies!

If you have the stock forks on your Surron, now would be a great time to upgrade to something slightly more robust, no matter your riding style. For any other different brand, look at the pros and cons and decide if they actually need upgrading or a simple service. But it all comes down to your riding style… and, for most of us, budget. 

Surron X fork upgrade options

Before you start jumping on the computer to impulsively buy a new set of big name forks, as let’s face it, it would be super cool. Stop and think what would be best for you? Not your neighbor, not your mate, but you. 

How do you use your Surron? Are you a commuter? Perhaps with some weekend runs through the woods? Are wheelies your thing? Or is your Surron used on MX tracks and you spend more time airborne than on the ground? All important questions when it comes to deciding on what forks to use. 

The next question needs to be budget. But even with a big budget, wouldn’t it be better to save a few dollars where you can, so you can spend them on a different part of your e-moto? Don’t forget, if you’ve been riding your Surron for a while now, you’re probably not at a ‘beginner’ level and may want something more to push the limits of both yourself and your e-moto. However, that doesn’t mean you need the most expensive thing to get the best performance.

Look also at the adjustability options, and ensure it has both preload and rebound adjustments. The lighter the fork the better, but it also needs to be robust. Which is usually an expensive combination! 

For a full rundown on suspension choices, read this article here.

Here are some recommendations from the guys at GritShift who routinely push the limits of suspension in the name of ‘science’ – Rusty and E-Moto Man.

Commuting, Stunting, Casual trail ride

Stock Surron fork or Talaria Factory Fork

Harder trail riding

Talaria Factory Fork or EXT Ferro Fork

MX tracks, Enduro

Ferro or KTM 85SX Air Front fork

The Talaria Factory Fork is a unanimous favorite among the GritShift team, with many of the team’s personal e-motos sporting this fork. For a good reason, it’s a great all round fork, has lots of adjustability, is relatively light, sprung correctly for the weight of an e-moto, and doesn’t break the bank. 

It’s also easy to fit as it matches most OEM and aftermarket bearings. If you’re intrigued, check it out here and see why it is so popular.
Surron with Talaria Forks

The next big jump, both metaphorically and for real, is the upgrade to MX forks. If you’re doing some serious riding, and want to have complete faith in your Surron, then consider an upgrade to MX forks. Not for the weak, it is a complete change of feel on your e-moto. It also isn’t a simple plug and play, although with the conversion kit that Rusty designed, it’s much easier. If you’re interested in the ultimate setup for riders who love big air and endless whoops, then check out this article for a complete rundown. But be warned: the pinnacle of fork performance is not going to be cheap.

What is the upgrade procedure?

So you’ve decided to upgrade and give your Surron LBX new forks. Congratulations! You might be thinking ‘what do I do next?’ You could either attempt to upgrade the forks yourself or take it to your local e-moto store. Changing forks requires a few basic tools – all of which are handy to have in your garage anyway. There are plenty of videos on pretty much all different fork options on YouTube being installed on a Surron. Have a look at a few to see if that is something you could attempt. 

If the upgrade is to MX forks, there are a few additional steps required. None of which are overly difficult, but if it’s your first time attempting the upgrade or changing races or bearings, it may seem a little daunting. There are also a few extra tools that would make the job so much easier. Have a look at some videos Rusty made explaining the process and what extra tools are needed.

Surron Forks: What do I need? 

Upgrading your Surron forks can be one of the best upgrades you can possibly make. I would argue, it should be one of the first upgrades. Don’t even look at a power upgrade unless you’ve got your suspension dialed in, whatever suspension choices you’ve gone for. The good news is there are plenty of options, and it’s all dependent on your riding style.

Start by getting the right tuning on what you’ve got, and if upgrading is the way to go, pay close attention to what you need from your current forks. Is adjustability top of the list? Strength to take hard hits? Lightest forks on the market? If you’re looking for a great all-round, commuting, weekend riding, trails through the woods, then the Talaria Factory Air Fork is probably one of the best value for money upgrades you could do. 

Otherwise, if big jumps at the MX track are what you’re looking for, then you can’t go past a full MX fork upgrade. It is all about customizing your e-moto to suit you. You’ve got the perfect bones to an e-moto, now you can add the parts needed. That’s almost as fun as riding!

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