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Roxor Windshields Guide: Glass, Lexan, Wipers, and More

There are many different windshield options available for the Mahindra Roxor, but how do you tell them apart? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each? Which aftermarket windshield is the best fit for your needs?

If you’ve never pondered these questions, you probably will the first time you get a face full of soggy mud while you’re out on a trail. Maybe the cool evening breeze makes your eyes water even more than the price tag on the OEM Mahindra windshield.

Whether you’re using your Roxor for farm work or fun, this handy guide will explain the many styles of windshield available for the Mahindra Roxor UTV. Learn about the pros and cons of each style or skip to the end to see which windshield we recommend based on specific use cases.

Without further ado, let’s look at the Roxor windshield options available today – or skip ahead to see which windshield you should choose!

Table of Contents

Lexan Polycarbonate Windshields • Full height • Half height • Folding

Glass Windshields • Fixed • Bottom hinge • Top hinge

Windshield Wipers • On the Rox • HardCabs • Spike Powersports

A quick note about street legal Roxors

While a street legal Roxor makes a great road vehicle, it’s worth noting that the Roxor was designed from the start as a UTV. It’s not going to offer the creature comforts of a Chevy or Toyota – don’t expect any of these windshields to keep the cockpit totally dry in a downpour or to block every ounce of air coming in at highway speeds. Avoid automatic car washes and be sure to take extra care when washing these windshields.

This video (shown above) does a good job of setting expectations. Even with a full windshield, a hard cab enclosure, and a powerful aftermarket heater, the cabin of a Roxor won’t exactly be a sauna on a cold highway commute. Just something to keep in mind.

Lexan Polycarbonate Windshields


  • Available in full, half, and folding varieties
  • Lighter and more affordable than full-frame windshields
  • 10 years of UV protection, extreme temperature tested
  • Optional scratch-resistant coating


  • Not as carlike in appearance
  • Not as strong as glass
  • Must clean with care
  • Cannot use windshield wipers


Plain old polycarbonate is the right windshield style for your Mahindra Roxor if you’re wanting an inexpensive and effective solution. Otherwise known as Lexan, these function-over-form windshields will keep the biting cold off your face while protecting you from mud, bugs, and whatever else might come flying your way.

The aircraft-quality Lexan is tested to extreme temperatures and is rated to provide years of protection against harmful UV rays. Unlike a simple pane of plexiglass you might find at a local hardware store, these Lexan windshields are abrasion-resistant and completely clear. They overlap the Roxor’s roll cage for added strength, resulting in a slight curve which reduces glare and helps shed water.

The frameless design doesn’t intrude on your field of vision, and the optional scratch-resistant coating makes cleaning a breeze and prevents minor scratches from becoming an issue. What’s more, these basic Roxor windshields don’t rattle, shake, or flex over rough terrain. Our customers report that these Lexan windshields remain stable in even the most intense off-roading sessions.

Drawbacks mostly pertain to cleaning. Lexan polycarbonate must be carefully washed with soft towels to avoid accidentally scratching the surface. Avoid harsh chemicals that might damage the finish and be sure to take care when scraping ice or removing stuck-on dirt and debris. This also means you should not use windshield wipers with Lexan windshields as scratches could develop, although you could use specially formulated chemicals like Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent. We suggest springing for hard coating or added scratch resistance whenever possible.


These polycarbonate windshields install in minutes, attaching to the Roxor’s roll cage with a series of scratchproof clamps and two L-shaped mounting brackets attached through factory mounting holes at the cowl. The windshield’s bottom edge rides on the cowl atop a scratchproof rubber gasket.

To install a polycarbonate windshield on a Roxor: Simply seat the windshield, attach the clamps to the roll cage, attach the two L-brackets, and secure it all using the included stainless steel hardware. Installation instructions are included.


These Mahindra Roxor Polycarbonate Windshields come with a 2-Year Warranty which covers yellowing, discoloring, or breakage due to manufacturer defects. Damage incurred during installation or use of the windshield is not covered.

Full-Height Lexan Windshield

There are a few size options within the world of Lexan Roxor windshields.

A full windshield is the best budget choice for a full-size windscreen – it keeps the elements at bay and reduces airflow inside the cabin, so you and your passengers will stay warmer in cold weather. Just add a top, a heater, and doors and you’ve got yourself a warm place to ride.

The Mahindra Roxor Full Windshield is made from Lexan polycarbonate that’s strong enough to keep mud and rocks at bay. We suggest springing for the optional scratch-resistant coating, especially if you run through a lot of trees and brush on a regular basis.

Half-Height Lexan Windshield

This half windshield gives your Roxor some sporting style and still allows for some airflow while deflecting most of the mud and debris coming your way.

It’s made from thicker ¼” Lexan polycarbonate for added strength and rigidity, so it rides securely despite its smaller size. The top edge is smoothed and beveled for added safety and a quality appearance.

This windshield measures 11 ¼” high from the top of the lower frame in the photo above, which should place the top edge below eye level for most drivers.

Folding Lexan Windshield

Can’t decide between a full and half windshield? Why not both?

Available in either 3/16” or ¼” Lexan polycarbonate, this folding Roxor windshield is hinged below eye level to give you the best of both worlds. The top part of the windshield is attached to the Roxor’s roll cage using adjustable Velcro straps, and built-in rubber feet let it ride on the hood in the open position without rattling or scratching the paint.

This windshield measures about 7” from the top of the lower frame to the center of the hinge, placing the hinge well below eye level. We suggest opting for the ¼” variety with the optional scratch-resistant coating to maximize longevity.

That wraps up the selection of Lexan Roxor windshields available today, but what if you want something more substantial?

Glass Roxor Windshields


  • Stronger and more durable than Lexan
  • Available in fixed and folding varieties
  • More carlike in appearance and function
  • Can use windshield wipers


  • Heavier and more expensive than Lexan
  • Frame reduces field of view


A framed glass windshield is the right style for your Mahindra Roxor if you’re looking for a more carlike appearance and effect. Possibly the biggest benefit is the ability to run windshield wipers – there are several standalone kits to choose from including both manual and electric options.

There are two ways to go about getting a glass Roxor windshield: buy a complete kit with glass included or purchase a frame by itself and have the glass (or Lexan) cut at a local glass shop. Buying an empty frame offers the unique opportunity to create a tinted glass windshield for your Roxor, something that isn’t offered on the aftermarket. You could also build a Lexan windshield that packs the added rigidity of an aluminum frame.

Our customers report that these solid windshields and frames are sturdy and don’t rattle or shake in extreme off-road situations. They are far more scratch-resistant than Lexan, and if you’re aiming for warmth, silence, or security in your Roxor, a solid windshield and a hard cab enclosure are the two items you need most.

Drawbacks of solid windshields are few. The frame does reduce your field of vision ever so slightly, especially around the bottom edge, and installation can be challenging if you’re trying to wrestle the thing into place by yourself.


Installing an aluminum windshield frame is much easier with an extra set of hands. The base attaches to the cowl through existing factory bolt holes, and the frame is secured to the roll cage using a series of scratchproof clamps. If you opted for windshield wipers, wiring is plug-and-play.

To install an aluminum windshield frame on a Roxor: Lay some towels over the Roxor’s cowl before lifting the frame into place. Use the included hardware to mount the base using the factory mounting holes, then attach the perimeter of the frame to the roll cage using the included bar clamps. If you opted for windshield wipers, attach them last.

Fixed Windshield

A fixed windshield gives the Roxor a more carlike look and feel. It’s a great solution for street legal Roxors and those that are used on the farm or for hunting.

Made from high-quality 3/16” aluminum, these windshield frames are sturdy enough to withstand anything you may encounter on the road, in the woods, or at the jobsite. Just add your own flat glass or plexiglass and you’re good to go – pair this frame with a roof and doors to fully enclose your cabin.

The wrinkle black powdercoat finish matches the Roxor’s stock textures and colors, making these windshield frames look like an OEM accessory to anyone who doesn’t know otherwise.

GritShift carries a fixed frame from On The Rox Fabrication, one of the original manufacturers of aftermarket parts for the Mahindra Roxor. Check it out here.

Bottom Hinge

For the full Jeep experience, you need a folding windshield. Combine that with a six-slot grill, doors, and a roof, and you might even forget you aren’t driving a Jeep!

The On The Rox Folding Windshield Frame features built-in stops and feet to prevent damage to your Roxor’s hood when it’s laid down. Its wrinkle black powdercoat finish matches the vehicle’s stock textures, and the sturdy 3/16” aluminum construction provides a rigid base for plexiglass, glass, or even tinted glass – whatever you want to add.

Top Hinge

For a more technologically advanced solution, look no further than the HardCabs Tilting Front Windshield Kit. This premium kit includes DOT Approved glass as standard, and the included pair of hydraulic shocks make raising and securing this windshield a breeze. Pair it with the HardCabs Wiper/Washer Kit (explained below) and your Roxor will be as close to a Jeep as it can get. Note: other wiper kits will not work for this windshield without some serious modifications.

Roxor Windshield Wipers

Any of the empty frames above can accept glass, and any glass windshield can make use of windshield wipers. Wipers are a must-have for a street legal Roxor or a trail rig that sees heavy weather on a regular basis.

We currently offer three different wiper kits for the Mahindra Roxor: one specifically for On The Rox frames, one for HardCabs windshield and cabs, and a universal kit for the mechanically inclined.

We have never tried to mix and match brands here, either by fitting a HardCabs kit to an On The Rox windshield frame or vice versa, or by fitting either one to an OEM Mahindra windshield. Anything can happen with enough time and ingenuity, but you’ll be on your own with that.

Note: We heavily advise against installing wipers on Lexan polycarbonate windshields as irreparable scratches would be likely.


Windshield wipers mount to the windshield frame itself. The wiper switch and motors are plug-and-play, and dash-mounted switches install with very little effort.

To install windshield wipers on a Roxor: After installing the windshield frame, remove the two plugs on the lower frame. Pass the wipers through the windshield frame and secure them using the included hardware.

On The Rox Windshield Wiper Kit

Only fits On The Rox windshield frames

This weatherproof wiper system features dual two-speed motors controlled by a dash-mounted switch. The dual-motor setup means there’s no bulky linkage to worry about, and the wiper arms are custom-fit to cover Roxor windshields. These marine-grade windshield wipers are optional for On The Rox windshield frames and can also be ordered separately at any time.

HardCabs Wiper/Washer Kit

Only fits HardCabs windshields and cabs

This center mounted washer and wiper combo is designed to work specifically with the HardCabs Tilting Front Windshield Kit and HardCabs cab kits. Whether you already have a HardCabs setup or are looking to purchase one, this is the one that will plug directly into your setup. It’s a pretty neat piece of kit, with a remote reservoir, pump, and tubing all included. The motor lives in a custom plastic housing that could pass for OEM any day, and the entire installation ends up looking factory tidy, which should take the sting out of the price.

Spike Powersports Universal Manual Wiper Kit

Fits anything you can drill a hole into

The frugal among you are probably saying, “Just give me a squeegee on a stick.” Well, here you go. This manual wiper kit for the Mahindra Roxor will fit anywhere you can drill a ½” hole, including the OEM Mahindra windshield frame and any of the other frames mentioned in this article.

Yes, that means you can buy two of these and stick them in the holes of an On The Rox frame or drill holes in a HardCabs frame, saving hundreds off the electrified options and getting an extra workout on the trails at the same time. Or you could literally use a squeegee on a stick. We won’t judge.

Which Mahindra Roxor Windshield Should I Choose?

If we had to recommend a single option to fit most needs, we would suggest a Folding Lexan Windshield. That will give you the flexibility to choose between a full windshield and the open-cockpit Jeep experience whenever you want, and it’s a fraction of the price of a framed folding windshield with custom-cut glass.

If you’re looking for the most car-like results from your street legal Roxor, springing for the HardCabs Tilting Front Windshield Kit and HardCabs Wiper/Washer Kit will give you the functionality you’re looking for. It will also save you a trip to your local glass cutter – it’s the only option that comes with DOT Approved glass already installed. Just buy, install, and drive away.

  • Our other go-to for a street legal Roxor is a folding frame with custom-cut tinted glass. Just make sure that’s legal in your area before you buy.
  • For a trail rig that sees lots of mud, rocks, and filth, or a hard-working Roxor on the ranch or at the jobsite, any of the full-size glass windshield will do. You’re going to be wiping stuff off on a regular basis, and Lexan just isn’t going to stand up in the long run. You can install wipers with any windshield, but you’re only going to have a washer system if you spring for the HardCabs option as described above.
  • For a weekend toy or a fair-weather street legal Roxor, a folding Lexan windshield will give you a UTV-like experience while keeping costs low.

If you have any questions about choosing a windshield for your Mahindra Roxor, give us a shout!

Cover Photo: Dirt Legal

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