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E Ride Pro SS: Poised to Compete With the Big E-Moto Names?

Who Are E Ride Pro? 

E Ride Pro is one of the newest electric dirt bike companies to join the growing demand for high-quality, reliable, fast e-motos. Based in California, E Ride Pro is turning heads with its first two models – the E Ride Pro S and the E Ride Pro SS. The sleek design matched with an out-of-the-box top speed of 60 mph on the SS is drawing all the right attention!

As some of the first people to get to ride these models extensively, we’re here to tell you what’s what on all things E Ride Pro.

E Ride Pro announcing the E-moto, the E Ride Pro SS on their Facebook page
E Ride Pro announcing the E-moto, the E Ride Pro SS on their Facebook page

Announcing their e-motos on social media for the first time in November 2023, E Ride Pro is a young company with a quickly growing fan base. The team at GritShift is excited to announce that E Ride Pro e-motos are available now at www.gritshift.com.

Real-world testing on the E Ride Pro SS

The first thing to know is that there are currently two options to choose from, the E Ride Pro S and the E Ride Pro SS, both having the same build quality and E Ride Pro’s own ‘revolutionary controller system’ (E Ride Pro). Since both have the same frame size, the biggest difference between them, apart from wheel size, is the motor size and power output. 

E Ride Pro SS

Possibly the most exciting part about the E Ride Pro models is the fact they already come with a 72v battery right from the start, not to mention the higher-rated motor. This combination creates a massive top speed before any mods are added. Yes, it’s slightly higher priced than the Surron or Talaria by a few hundred dollars, but have a look at what you get for that price difference!

E Ride Pro SS vs E Ride Pro S stats comparison
E Ride Pro SS vs E Ride Pro S stats comparison

Let’s take a closer look at what you should upgrade first on the big dog, the E Ride Pro SS.

E Ride Pro SS: Aftermarket Available Upgrades

By now, you’ve probably worked out how customizable e-motos are. The E Ride Pro is no different. Many companies (including our own R&D department) are working hard on growing the list of aftermarket options. On a side note, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter to find out all the latest on parts being designed and thoroughly tested, and when they will become available. For now, we do know that many Surron LBX and Talaria Sting aftermarket parts fit perfectly. Below is a list of what we know right now about what you can upgrade, why you would want to upgrade, and how to make it happen. 

One point to note is so far, there are no options to upgrade the powertrain, that is the motor, controller, and battery. Many riders are hypothesizing no upgrade will be necessary as it comes stock with a huge amount of power for the weight. As for the battery, it is physically larger than the Surron, so a Surron battery won’t fit snuggly, which is not ideal when riding. The main connector is the same, but the BMS connector is different, which means Surron batteries won’t be compatible at this time. Stay tuned for this information! It won’t be long before options become available and more power can be added, because… well… who doesn’t want more power! 

Foot Pegs

This is a very common first upgrade on all e-motos! In particular, with the added speed the E Ride Pro delivers, you want to make sure you have excellent control over your electric dirt bike. The stock pegs have been reported to be very slippery. Most footpegs that fit the Surron LBX also fit the E Ride Pro. The only exceptions are footpegs that are adjustable or lowering kits from a Surron that don’t allow the clearance needed on the frame. Keep in mind that the Talaria Sting has a different spacing so Talaria pegs won’t fit the E Ride Pro models.

Suggested upgrade: Footpegs


The E Ride Pro SS comes with Front: 70/100-19 and Rear: 70/100-19 from CST. However, even though they have the same measurements as other tires, they are much smaller. This can happen when different nub sizes mixed with different ways to measure vary between manufacturers. The good news is if you upgrade your tires, you can choose the tread to suit the terrain you’re riding. Offroad? Sand? MX Track? The choice is yours! 

The front hub spacing is the same as the Talaria and Surron, which makes things easy when choosing new tires, including Supermoto wheels. The rear hub spacing is the same as a Surron, but the Talaria spacing is wider, so look for a tire that will fit the Surron LBX. 

Suggested upgrade: Tires

Bar riser / stem riser / riser bar

To improve the ergonomics of this e-moto, it is highly recommended to get a 3” bar riser, especially if you’re a taller person. It just places the handlebars in a better position and you feel more confident. You will find the position of the clamps on the display will be in the way with some brands of bar risers. Currently, only a few brands make mounts that suit the E Ride Pro SS. As you can see in this video, the GritShift R&D team is onto it! Get involved in the process and comment on this video! 

Get Involved with the GritShift R&D process!

Suggested upgrade: Handlebar Mounts


This comes down to personal preference, but the more grip you can get, the better. Especially if you love riding in the mud! Any grips that fit a Surron LBX will fit the E Ride Pro. Pillow top, waffle, half waffle, pick your usual.

Suggested upgrade: ProTaper range 

Nice To Have List: 

Wheels: 18” rear, 21” front. Point to note if you choose a 21” front, and you bottom out the forks, the tire will hit the front fender. If you don’t want to upgrade your forks, then it is suggested to remove the fender to fit 21” wheels. Yes, the larger wheels do add weight, but the E Ride Pro has more than enough power to handle this upgrade and will be much better off-road with a larger front wheel as many e-motos are.

Suggested upgrade: Wheels

What’s In Store For E Ride Pro?

The E Ride Pro lineup is looking to be full of surprising powerhouses. At a price of just under $5,000 at the time of writing, the E Ride Pro SS is a few hundred dollars more than its competitors, but stop to think how much an upgraded battery/motor would cost on other brands to match the speed of the E Ride Pro! On the surface it appears very similar to the Surron LBX, but inside it houses a huge battery and motor right from the start. Power upgrades aren’t yet available, but give it a short amount of time and upgrades are sure to become available – if you really want additional power.

Aftermarket parts for the E Ride Pro lineup are hitting the market on a daily basis, and given so many parts of the Surron LBX will bolt right up to E Ride Pro bikes, there is already a huge selection of upgrades you can make right away. And looking at the speed the electric dirt bike industry is advancing forward, E Ride Pro-specific parts will be here in no time. I can tell you that GritShift is one of those companies hard at work in the R&D department to bring you the best, toughest quality parts. Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter to find out when these parts will be available to purchase, and while you’re there, check out how they put the parts through their paces to bring you the best. 


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