We rode the E Ride Pro SS for 6 months. Here’s what we learned.

E Ride Pro could be the most talked about, exciting e-moto company to arrive on the scene since e-moto became mainstream. Perhaps it’s because of the sturdy, well designed frame giving it a solid base? Or maybe it’s because of the crazy fast top speed from the stock 72-volt battery? Either way, GritShift is thrilled to be part of the evolution of electric dirt bikes. Today, I am privileged to interview GritShift CEO Josh, AKA Bullet on the E Ride Pro. These are Bullet’s responses.

Surron fans, you may not be impressed…

For roughly 6 months now, and between all three bikes we have, roughly 1500 miles.

Yes, I have ridden both. The Pro S is more like a stock Surron in terms of power. I prefer the Pro SS because more power is always better, and also, the E Ride Pro SS has better suspension and larger wheels.

Yes 100%. The E Ride is a new bike, so it still has little bugs. But, we are very happy with the progression E Ride is making with improvements and they are resolving any issues that arise. So really, it’s the best company that we have worked with in comparison to Surron and Talaria.

Editor’s note: GritShift is in the unique position to get a behind-the-scenes look at how solid these newcomers really are. It’s one thing to put a bike on the road, but if you can’t honor warranties and improve on problems, you’re finished before you even start – and E Ride is doing great across the board.

Close up photo of the E Ride Pro controller
E Ride Pro Controller

It really depends on what the rider plans to do with the bike. If you are getting a bike just for general commuting, or to use as a pit bike for track days to get around, I would opt for you to get the Pro S because it’s a cheaper option and still a capable bike. 

If you are a new rider with little experience but really want to get into riding, I’d say the Pro SS because it allows room for growth without having to modify the bike with larger battery, motor or controller. If you are respectful about the power you can ride the bike in eco mode and work up to sport mode. 

It’s the same thing with people who are new to sports bikes. They buy a 300cc sport bike because they are new and don’t want power, but then 6 months later they end up selling the bike for a 600-1000cc sport bike. This results in wasting money in my opinion. 

Just be a responsible rider. If you’re new to riding, wear gear. Don’t try to go all out on a trail.

Taking the E Ride Pro out on the track.
Taking the E Ride Pro out on the track. Credit: WFO productions

So something I’m really happy with is the rear linkage design. I think E Ride nailed it with the geometry. It’s set up in a way that in stock form it’s very strong. The battery compartment is also large like Talaria, but not as wide, so the frame still has that small playful bike feeling like a Surron. 

Wheels are a must. Either 16/19 or 18/21 wheel setup. The rear wheel is really the only thing that would “need” to be changed. This makes the biggest difference. Then, I would say a direct mount stem.

Forks. Just like most e-motos in stock form, the forks have room for improvement. I just upgraded the forks on my bike one week ago and the bike feels super solid now, whereas before that it was good, but it just didn’t feel planted in the turns and did not give me 100% confidence when hitting 30+ foot jumps.

Controller for slightly more power and maybe a battery with a larger capacity so I can ride longer. This bike doesn’t “need” more power, but for us here in Florida with all of the sugar sand it makes a pretty big difference.

We just sent our machine shop our CAD files for an adjustable rear triangle, upgraded linkage, adjustable display mount, Chromoly rear axle, improved jackshaft bolt, and a robust skid plate. That’s all that I can say right now, all the other parts are pretty top-secret due to us not being close to a finished design.

The E Ride Pro being ridden up a steep embankment
The E Ride Pro is a capable e-moto in the woods

E Ride Pro: Closing Thoughts

I think it’s safe to say E Ride Pro is a company that is here to make big waves in the e-moto industry. With such a solid stock e-moto with big power, how does a company like GritShift make it ‘better’ when it’s already a fantastic e-moto? Quite simply, it doesn’t need to be ‘better’. But, GritShift can make it customized for you and your riding style to make it fit your life in an exceptional way.

As Bullet says, he upgraded the forks, but not everyone will be tackling 30+ foot jumps. Skid plates aren’t necessary, but are quick and easy insurance against damaging your motor. The adjustable rear triangle can suit many different rider heights, and the adjustable display mount means you can have your display facing the way you like it to mitigate glare. Little things that make it awesome. Things that make it yours.

As for increased power, well, who doesn’t want more?! Yes, the E Ride Pro has 72Volts and big top speeds, but… I know I wouldn’t be saying no to more power. Even if it doesn’t really need it!

Who else is excited to see what GritShift is designing for E Ride Pro specific parts? Make sure you subscribe to our email list to be the first to know when these parts are ready. And, like always, check out IG or YT to see what the guys and girls at GritShift do to put all these parts to the test before selling them. Let’s just say they don’t go easy!


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